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ion SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™
All-SSD RAID Server

SR-71mach5 SpeedServer(TM) ion's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™ is an all-SSD RAID server optimized to deliver more than 1 Million random read IOPS based on fast processors, memory, and network components in a compact, cost-effective, and low-power system. If latency matters to your application, you should consider running that application ON the SR-71mach5 SpeedServer directly or deploying SR-71mach5 file servers. DAS or NAS or SAN?


Your challenge: Build the fastest server possible?

SR-71mach5 SpeedServer More Cores? RAM? NVMe? SSDs? NICs?
  • 24 Intel® Xeon® V4 cores
  • 128GB DDR4 RAM
  • 28TB SSD RAID Storage
  • >1M random IOPS
  • (4) 10Gb Ethernet ports
  • 16-44 Intel® Xeon® V4 cores
  • Up to 1536GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 165TB with SSD RAID shelves
  • Up to (8) U.2 NVMe SSDs
  • Up to (14) 10Gb Ethernet ports

The SR-71mach5 SpeedServer makes disk-impossible performance affordable for your data center through the optimized use of SSD RAID and standard high-volume server building blocks from Intel. Yes, this webserver and are both VMs on an SR-71 SpeedServer.

ION's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer is built exclusively with Intel SSDs.
ION's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer starts with an Intel ServerBoard.
In 1998, ION became the first company in the world to qualify as an Intel Authorized Solution Provider, the program now known as Intel Technology ProvideR, Platinum Member.

The SR-71mach5 SpeedServer as a Windows® Server 2012 R2 file server delivers 197,000 IOPS to (5) IOmeter clients performing an 8kB random read/write (IOMeter OLTP) benchmark, with just 1.2 ms average latency.

Design your ultimate server with our SR-71mach5 Configurator.

For a powerful but less expensive 1U all-SSD RAID server, look at the SR-70mach5 SpeedServer.

Hard to believe this performance? Especially at that price? Take the SR-71mach5 SpeedServer for a testdrive!

CRN Test Center
"2015 Products
of the Year"

Product Brief

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The recognition below helps to illustrate ION's long record of optimizing SSDs in servers.

ION Computer Systems® is named 2015 Partner of the Year by Intel®
in the "Server Platform" category for ION's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™

ION′s SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™ is winner for Enterprise Storage in
CRN Test Center′s "2015 Products of the Year", 2015 December 7

ION′s SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™ reviewed by CRN Test Center for "Storage Week"
Reviews: Revenue-Generating Storage Appliances From Barracuda, ION; 2015 March 12

ION′s SR-71mach4 SpeedServer™ earns an "Honorable Mention"
on CRN Test Center′s "2014 Products of the Year", 2014 December 5
Certified by Open-E, 2014-June-23
ION′s SR-71mach4 SpeedServer™ Certified by Open-E, 2014 June 23
CRN Test Center: "Top 10 Server Reviews", 2014 January 22
CRN: "Server Wars", 2014 January 22
CRN: "LSI MegaRAID Helps ION SpeedServer Break One Million IOPS Barrier" 2011 March 1
CRN Tech Innovators 2010 Award Winner
Xcellence Award @ Xchange Tech Innovators 2010
CRN′s "The Best Products Of 2010 Overall Product Of The Year"
CRN Tech Innovators 2010 Editors' Choice Award Winner
CRN Xchange Tech Innovators 2010 Xcellence Award Breakthrough Technology Vendor
COMDEXvirtual Review of SR-71 SpeedServer
Review by the CRN Test Center
TechInsight Magazine: Intel SSDs and ION SR-71 SpeedServer

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