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ion SR-71mach6 SpeedServer™
All-SSD RAID Server

SR-71mach6 SpeedServer(TM) ion's SR-71mach6 SpeedServer™ is an all-SSD RAID server optimized to deliver more than 1 Million random read IOPS built on the latest processors, fastest memory and server NICs in a compact, cost-effective, and low-power system. "All-Flash"? Yes, if you want, but the SR-71mach6 Configurator, already allows you to design a server full of Intel® Optane™ SSDs based on 3D XPoint™ technology which is NOT Flash and much faster.


The SR-71mach6 SpeedServer makes disk-impossible performance affordable for your data center through the optimized use of SSD RAID and standard high-volume server building blocks from Intel. Yes, this webserver and are both VMs on an SR-71 SpeedServer. A full snapshot of the Windows Server 2012 R2 VM for this web server takes about 3 minutes. The SR-71mach6 SpeedServer is "just" a server, but it is probably the fastest server that you have ever owned.


Are you evaluating other all-Flash arrays, too? Most storage solutions depend on some "secret sauce". Are you ready to commit your organization to that secret sauce and its future? Is that solution tailored for your requirements? Better than you can do yourself? The ion SR-71mach6 SpeedServer™ is tuned with years of Flash storage experience, but you choose the hardware and the software that makes your SpeedServer special with no proprietary hardware or firmware or software. Does a server that can share more than 10 GBytes per second or more than a million random reads per second need any "secret sauce"?


ION's SR-71mach6 SpeedServer is built exclusively with Intel SSDs.
ION's SR-71mach6 SpeedServer starts with an Intel ServerBoard.
In 1998, ION became the first company in the world to qualify as an Intel Authorized Solution Provider, the program now known as Intel Technology Provide, Platinum Member.

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Save 5% on your SpeedServers. Design your ultimate servers with our SR-71mach6 Configurator.

For a powerful but less expensive 1U all-SSD RAID server, look at the SR-70mach6 SpeedServer.

Hard to believe this performance? Take the SR-71mach6 SpeedServer for a testdrive!


  1. mach5 RAID 5 IOmeter
  2. mach4 RAID 10 IOmeter
  3. mach5 SQLIO
  4. mach5 RAID 5 Linux
  5. mach5 RAID 5 Windows Server
  6. mach4 iSCSI Target
  7. mach3 FC Target
  8. Benchmarks
SR-71mach5 SQLIO 8kB & 64kB
Spinning Rust: (3) 8x HDD RAID 0
SR-71mach5 with (24) 1600GB Intel S3610 SSDs
3x SSD RAID 5 arrays with 8x 1TB partitions each
3 SQLIO threads per partition with NTFS File Systems
5x 30 minute tests
8kB Data Random Write 101,350 792 1 3,634 28 104
8kB Data Random Read 770,525 6,020 0 4,825 38 158
8kB Data Sequential Write 25,478 199 7      
8kB Data Sequential Read 768,000 6,000 0      
64kB Data Random Write 18,768 1,173 11      
64kB Data Random Read 144,491 9,031 1      
64kB Data Sequential Write 16,865 1,054 12      
64kB Data Sequential Read 147,886 9,243 0      
SR-71mach5 March 2015 SQLIO: Spinning Disk RAID 0
SR-71mach4 SQLIO 8kB & 64kB
SR-71mach4 with (24) 800GB Intel S3500 SSDs
3x SSD RAID 5 arrays with 1x 2.3TB partitions each
64 SQLIO threads per partition with NTFS File Systems
5x 30 minute tests
3 x 2300GB NTFS RAID 10 Volumes  
8kB Data Random Write 205,710 1,565 1
8kB Data Random Read 506,810 3959 0
8kB Data Sequential Write 274,256 2,143 0
8kB Data Sequential Read 559,315 4,370 0
64kB Data Random Write 26,779 1,674 14
64kB Data Random Read 133,333 8,333 2
64kB Data Sequential Write 56,399 3,525 7
64kB Data Sequential Read 132,171 8,261 2
SR-71mach4 November 2013

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