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In 1998, ION became the first company in the world to qualify as an Intel Authorized Solution Provider, the program now known as Intel Technology Provider, Platinum Member.

ion's storage experience builds on more than 2 decades of server optimzation and the technology developed to bring the SR-71 SpeedServer to more than 1 million IOPS. Configure your PS StorageServer with up to 286TiB and a range of server operating systems or Open-E JovianDSS data storage software. The PS StorageServer Configurator options include processors and memory, RAID controllers, SSD caching and a variety of server network interfaces from 1Gb to 40Gb Ethernet. ion's storage solutions are built for performance, manageability and serviceability using the best technologies available. » Learn more!

Featured Products: SR-71 SpeedServer™ StorageServer Rackmount Server NUC8 miniPC miniSERVER
Company Profile

ION Computer Systems ion Computer Systems, Inc., designs custom computing solutions that meet the current and future technology requirements of corporations, government agencies and academia. Since 1992, ion's focus has been building servers to meet customer-specific requirements. ion's expertise now includes high-performance storage servers like ion's SR-71mach6 SpeedServer™ and high-capacity storage servers like ion's PS StorageServer, along with rackmount server, miniSERVER and miniPC products. ion's engineering team leverages the latest technologies available to produce systems that offer significantly more value than legacy platforms in performance, power savings and design flexibility. All systems are manufactured and tested at ion's headquarters in Hauppauge, New York, USA where we have repeatedly demonstrated the ability to rapidly produce custom solutions while keeping quality as the first priority. That headquarters is also the base of ALL support for our customers. The ion Server Blog delivers insight into the engineering behind our products and observations on lessons learned along the way.

ion has always sought to understand each customer's requirements in order to design a solution that meets their needs rather than recommending someone's product of the month for every need. Ignoring promotions allows ion to better meet the needs of your organization.

ion has the ability and experience to work remotely or locally with ISVs, OEMs and End Users to test their applications, assuring their designs work as expected in their production environment. This has proven to be invaluable to those that use this service. Learn how the ion Advantage delivers servers that are better tested and better supported.

ion has partnered with the leaders in the IT industry including Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, VMware and Open-E as well as many others. These partnerships enable us to support our clients most critical applications. Our clients span the range of small and medium businesses, large corporate IT departments, universities and government agencies along with leading multinational software providers with requirements for global hardware support.

Many ion products have been recognized by the press as well as our peers, including Product of the Year in Enterprise Storage for 2015 and Overall Best Product of the Year for 2010 from CRN as well as Intel 2015 Partner of the Year for "Server Platform".

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