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ion SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™

SR-71mach5 SpeedServer(TM) ion's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer™ is an SSD RAID server delivering more than 1 Million random read IOPS along with the best available processors, memory, and network connections performance in a compact, cost-effective, low-power system. Now save 5%


What would you choose to build the fastest server possible?

SR-71mach5 SpeedServer Even more?
  • 28 Intel® Xeon® V4 cores
  • 128GB DDR4 RAM
  • 28TB SSD RAID Storage
  • >1M random IOPS
  • (4) 10Gb Ethernet ports
  • 16-44 Intel® Xeon® V4 cores
  • Up to 768GB DDR4 RAM
  • Up to 165TB with SSD RAID shelves
  • Up to (8) U.2 NVMe SSDs
  • More 10Gb & 40Gb Enet ports

The SR-71mach5 SpeedServer makes disk-impossible performance affordable for your data center through the optimized use of SSD RAID and standard high-volume server building blocks from Intel.

ION's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer is built exclusively with Intel SSDs.
ION's SR-71mach5 SpeedServer starts with an Intel ServerBoard.
In 1998, ION became the first company in the world to qualify as an Intel Authorized Solution Provider, the program now known as Intel Technology Provide, Platinum Member.

The SR-71mach5 SpeedServer running IOmeter "on target" with Windows® Server 2012 R2 performed well more than 1 Million IOs per second, 1,412,000 IOPS, of 4kB random reads with 240 microsecond average latency.

Design your ultimate server with our SR-71mach5 Configurator.

Hard to believe this performance? Especially at that price? Take the SR-71mach5 SpeedServer for a testdrive!

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4kB Random Read
Comparison for 1,000,000 IOPS
(Input/output Operations per Second)

Do it with Disks?

(1) SR-71mach5

IOPS:   400 IOPS per 15,000 RPM disk, 10% stroke ⇒ 2500 disks 1,400,000 IOPS  
Latency:   ≥2.3 milliseconds [optimistically] 240 microseconds (0.24ms) 90%
Size:   2500 disks @ 25/2U = 200U = 5 rack cabinets (1) 2U (3.5″) SR-71mach5 SpeedServer 99%
IOPS/RackUnit:   5,000 700,000 99%
Cost:   ~$2,000,000 $55,000 97%
IOPS/$ or $/IOPS:   0.50 IOPS per $ or $2/IOPS 27 IOPS per $ or <$0.04/IOPS 98%
Power:    30,000 W direct requirement
+30,000 W for cooling.
 500 W direct requirement
+500 W for cooling.
(power + cooling)  
33 IOPS/W 2824 IOPS/W 99%
Annual Electrical Cost:  
(power + cooling)  
$52,560 /year Energy Efficient.
$876 /year
Looks something like this: EMC vFRIDGE 2U SR-71mach5  

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